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We need your help in commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address! There is a nationwide challenge for everyone to learn and recite the address but especially for students to learn about the address and video record themselves reciting or reading the Gettysburg Address.

Why Learn the Gettysburg Address?

The Gettysburg Address is less than 300 words long and it took Lincoln less than 2 minutes to deliver it, but somehow, the Gettysburg Address continues to be regarded as one of the most important documents in U.S. history. Many historians feel the Gettysburg Address explains how American government is supposed to work.

You can help us bring Lincoln's Words to Life by joining others from across the nation and upload Idaho Voices reciting the address!

How You Can Participate

It's easy!

  • Download or print the Gettysburg Address and practice reading it out loud. Or, if you are up for the challenge — memorize it! — it's only 267 words.
  • Record yourself (or have a friend record you) reading the speech using your computer, laptop, tablet, mobile device or digital video recorder.
  • Upload your video to YouTube using the online form provided on this page and then send us the link to your video! (learn@idahoptv.org) If you are a student, be sure to include the name of your school with your email, as there will be prizes for the school with the most entries as well as for the most creative entry!
  • Download the flyer to share with your friends! Submit your entry by April 30th!

View Idaho Entries


The Address: A Film by Ken Burns

Funding for THE ADDRESS is provided by Bank of America; the Anne Ray Charitable Trust; Public Broadcasting Service; and members of The Better Angels Society, including The Pfeil Foundation and Robert & Beverly Grappone. Funding was also provided by Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), as part of "American Graduate: Let's Make It Happen," a public media initiative to help communities solve the national high school dropout crisis and keep more students on a successful path to college and career. And special thanks to the Idaho Legislative Services Office.

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