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Educator Resources for Barbara Morgan: No Limits

Barbara Morgan in her flight suitIdaho Public Television is pleased to offer a special school version of Barbara Morgan: No Limits, narrated by actor Sean Astin. It’s a story of perseverance and resolve that spans more than two decades. This 50-minute documentary documents the 22-year odyssey of an Idaho schoolteacher to fly in space. Use it to inspire your students to set goals and hold on to their dreams, while at the same time learning about important events in American history.

Copies of the general audience and school versions of Barbara Morgan: No Limits can be purchased by calling 1-800-543-6868.

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Student and teacher reviews

Barbara Morgan, No Limits is terrific. You captured Barbara's personality and the heart of what makes her a modern day hero. I purchased the DVD and have watched it three times to date.
-- Melanie Vickers, EdD (Teacher-in-Space Semifinalist)
Assistant Superintendent
Kanawha County Schools, Charleston, WV

I have watched the DVD Barbara Morgan: No Limits several times, and still become a bit misty-eyed every time I watch the shuttle crew land safely. Her message is crystal clear to anyone who listens: If you have a dream and you really want to see it happen, don’t let anything stop you or get in your way. Make that dream a reality.
-- Kevin Collins, Science Coordinator
Idaho State Department of Education, 2001-2006

Students have dreams that they worry about achieving, and the program will help them realize that it is possible-not just though hard work, but also by setting their goals high.”
-- Marg Freeman, Teacher
Lewis-Clark Middle School, Meridian, ID

I was impressed with the whole video. I can relate to Barbara Morgan. I do not give up on my dreams no matter what.
-- Ernesto Solis, Student, Meridian, ID

I liked how they said in her essay she said, “It’s not being, it’s doing. It makes me wonder what I am going to do.
-- Kara Knighton, Student, Meridian, ID

It shows her experience, not just talks about it. It’s like we were there with her. I got chills more than once.
--Erica Sawyer, Student, Meridian, ID