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National Teacher Training Institute
Bringing Teachers, Television and Technology Together

States, districts, and individual schools are increasingly making media and technology a priority in the classroom. The National Teacher Training Institute (NTTI) is one of public television's efforts to help teachers harness the power of technology and use it as a tool to help teach more effectively.

NTTI brings teachers, television and technology together in a train-the-trainer model for integrating video and other technologies into core lesson plans. The methodologies taught in this local implementation of a national model have been shown to significantly increase student understanding and retention and Idaho educators have embraced this methodology with open arms! 

This year, Idaho Public Television in cooperation with the University of Idaho, Boise State University, and Lewis-Clark State College introduced this methodology to pre-service educators. These future teachers will be prepared to enter the classroom with specific strategies and techniques to utilize video and other media that will enhance teaching and learning. We feel it is important to invest in our future educators as well as our veteran teachers. Educating today and in the future, Idaho Public Television supports our teachers and their classrooms.

Assessment of Strategies
A NTTI survey of more than 1,100 elementary, middle and secondary school students around the country conducted by Thirteen/WNET and designed and analyzed by the Teachers College at Columbia University confirms that students learn more and retain more when teachers use television as an interactive component of their lessons. Key findings of the study include:

  • Students are more engaged - 85 percent of teachers find that students are more engaged when television is used as a hands-on teaching tool.
  • Students Learn and Retain More - 90 percent say that their students learn more, and 89 percent say they retain more, with instructional television.
  • Teaching Improves - 80 percent of teachers report that the Institute's hands-on, interactive techniques improve their ability to teach science.
  • Teachers Train Teachers - 94 percent of teachers say they passed along verbal information about the Institute. 70 percent provided hands-on training to other teachers.

What IdahoTeachers Are Saying about NTTI ...

"NTTI was one of the most outstanding classes I've taken in a long time."
       Penny Jean Morrison, Bliss School District

"It was wonderful to walk away with so many usable resources."
     Bonnie McMorran, Lake Hazel Middle School, Meridian

"Entertaining, stimulating, well-prepared speakers and presenters."
    Debbie Sheppard, Challis High School

"I was very impressed. My students will benefit greatly from my training."
     Pam Eck, Frontier Elementary, Meridian

"I want you to know how valuable I felt this workshop was for all of us who attended. We learned many exciting new techniques which can enhance our teaching and help us implement the emerging technologies."

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