Image3.gif (2288 bytes)SHARK BODY PARTS
By Deborah Crabtree
University of Idaho


ITV Series:  Bill Nye The Science Guy #203

In this lesson the students will learn the body parts of the shark. They will label them on a diagram, and be able to identify the body parts. They will look in-depth at the gills and the fins by watching the Bill Nye show.

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will be able to list all the parts on the shark and label a diagram of the shark anatomy.
  • They will also be able to define the words, "gill and fin" and describe what they are used for.



Pre-Viewing Activity:

Introduce the class to the poster of the shark that is hanging on the board. Introduce the vocabulary. Then discuss the parts of a shark. Point to each part on the poster, and say the name out loud.   Ask the students, "What is different on a shark than on a fish that you may catch in the river?" Bring up the skin and scale differences. Ask the students if they know what "cartilage" is. Discuss how sharks have cartilage and not bones.

Provide a focus for students: 

The focus for viewing is to give the students a clear understanding of how fish have gills to breathe, and fins to propel them through the water. The students will also compare the differences between sharks and fish. The students will be encouraged to look for reasons that sharks have gills and fins, and how they help the shark live its daily life.


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Viewing Activities:

Begin the Video at the point just after the "bubble 007" part and right before Bill Nye starts to talk about gills.
Stop the Video after the child in the fish market talks about gills. Do not go on to the part about scales.
Ask the students what gills are for? Make sure that they understand that gills are just like our mouths and noses, and it is how fish breathe.
Fast Forward to the part where Bill Nye talks about fins. This is right after the two girls talk about how to make an aquarium. Resume the video and watch the part about fins. 
Stop the Video when the "Fishing Derby" comes on. This is right after Bill Nye is in the canoe. Discuss what fins are for, and why humans don't need them. Ask why we use "fins" on our feet when we swim. 
Fast Forward to the part where Bill Nye talks about Sharks.
Resume the Video and play the section of sharks.
Stop the Video when the "Fish and Chips" part comes on. Discuss with the class how sharks are different from other fish, and how they are similar. Discuss the cartilage that they have in their bodies instead of bones.

Post Viewing Activities:

Discuss with students what they have learned from Bill Nye.  What are some of their favorite facts?   Discuss the body parts that you saw before the video, and the ones you learned about in the video.  Have students label the body parts worksheet.  


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