Have the students follow the see, discuss, use, define, write, review sequence for learning vocabulary.

Airfoil- a shape that creates lift. Often shaped like a wing.

Aerodynamic- has little wind resistance.

Prey- animals which are hunted for food by other larger animals.

Nocturnal-things that are active only at night.

Predator- an animal which hunts other animals for food.

Owlet- baby owl.

Pellets- the remains of an owl’s meal that is coughed up. This pellet includes the bones and fur of the meal, anything that the owl couldn’t digest.

Facial disk- the feathers surrounding an owl’s eyes, which give it the appearance of a human face.

Binocular vision- sight that uses two eyes to look at the same object. Humans have binocular vision. Binocular vision allows for depth perception.

Talon- the claws of a bird.

Raptor- bird of prey, a bird which eats other small animals.

Habitat- the environment in which an animal lives

Camouflage- the markings and colors that allow something to blend into its background. Owl’s feathers are colored in such a way it can be hard to see them against a tree.