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Planetary Data Distance Table

Planet Distance
(from Sun)
Mercury 57,910,000 km
0.387 A.U.
4,800 km

108,200,000 km
0.723 A.U.

12,100 km
Earth 149,600,000 km
1.000 A.U.
12,750 km
Mars 227,940,000 km
1.524 A.U.
6,800 km
Jupiter 778,330,000 km
5.203 A.U.
142,800 km
Saturn 1,424,600,000 km
9.523 A.U.
120,660 km
Uranus 2,873,550,000 km
19.208 A.U.
51,800 km
Neptune 4,501,000,000 km
30.087 A.U.
49,500 km
Pluto 5,945,900,000 km
39.746 A.U.
3,300 km

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