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Facts “Focus for Media Interaction” Introduction 2


_________________ Hall An important outpost where emigrants could buy supplies located on what is now an Indian reservation.
Register ____________________

A rock carved with the name and date of emigrants.

  Craters of the _________________

A treeless, rocky lava flow that slowed down the emigrants.

 __________________ Cut Off

An important route that bypassed the Snake River and the rocky lava flow.

 Three _______________ Crossing

A dangerous place to cross the Snake River for a direct route to Fort Boise.



A fort in Idaho to buy supplies. Except for the start and finish, this city is the largest city on the Oregon Trail and is the capital of Idaho.
Massacre ____________________ Sight of one of the few Native American attacks. Less than a dozen emigrants died.

_____________ Springs

Place in Idaho where the water is carbonated.


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