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How Many Steps Will it Take to Walk

Most pioneers walked the Oregon Trail because wagons were loaded with supplies. Shoes wore out quickly, so the pioneers traveled the 2,000 mile trail barefoot—even the children.


1) My step: Measure one normal step from front heel to back toe. (Round off to the nearest 10).

2) My steps in a mile: Divide 63,360 (the number of inches in a mile) by the above number. (Round to the near- est 10,000).

3) My steps from Missouri to Oregon: Multiply the number of steps by 2,000 miles (the distance from Missouri to Oregon).

1) My step: ________________ inches.

2) Inches in a mile divided by (/) my step = steps in a mile. ______________ / ______________ = ________________

3) My steps in a mile x 2000 = steps to walk to Oregon Trail, _____________ x 2000 = ________________________.





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