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1. I never sleep.

2. I have no arms.

3. I have no eyes.

4. I have no ears.

5. I have no legs.

6. I lay eggs.

7. At birth I am clear to opaque and very small.

8. I do not age.

9. I can live for a long time. (15 years)

10. I have over 1000 species in the world.

11. I am cold blooded.

12. I have 2-5 pairs of hearts.

13. I have both male and female organs.

14. I catch no diseases.

15. I breathe through my skin.

16. I can eat up to my own body weight per day.

17. I have no teeth.

18. I am very strong and muscular.

19. I am a tireless worker.

20. I have a big appetite.

21. I am a natural, perfect recycler.

22. I will eat your garbage and help the environment.

23. I turn your garbage into valuable fertilizer.

24. My castings increase the amount of nutrients available to plants.

25. I mix up the soil.

26. I aerate the soil.

27. My enemies are frogs, moles, man, centipedes, and birds.

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