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Worm Observation Question sheet

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Answer these in your science journal in complete sentences as you observe your worm.

1. Predict how long your worm is in centimeters.

2. Predict if you will be able to tell the front from the back.

3. Predict if you can tell the top from the bottom.

4. Predict if the worm will have: a mouth, eyes, a nose, ears.

5. Predict if a worm can move backwards.

6. Predict what happens when 2 worms meet.

7. Measure your worm in centimeters.

8. What shape and color is the worm? Describe and draw it.

9. Describe the skin in as many ways as possible.

10. What other things do you notice about the worm when you use your hand lens? Be very specific.

11. If you perform make any other observations, note them in your journal.


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