Video Viewing Guide
"Jubilee Singers Sacrifice and Glory"

Directions: Please answer the following questions as you watch the video. The words appear almost exactly like in the film. I will also stop the video at times to discuss certain parts that I think are important and that I think you'll find interesting, so don't worry if you miss a few questions. Take a few moments right now to read the questions!

1. Who is Ella Sheppard?

2. Fisk University is dedicated to ______________________________________________.

3. George White made Sheppard ______________________ Director.

4. What are the songs the students sang for themselves?


5. During slavery, ____________ and ________________by slaves was severely punished.

6. What month and year did Fisk University open?

7. Look at the classroom in the paused video. Jot down things about the scene that you notice. Is it what you expected? Why or why not?


8. Who were the Night Riders?


9. What effect did the choirs' singing have on the angry mob at the train depot?


10. What was George White's daring plan?


11. Where was the one place black singers appeared onstage during this era?


12. Look at the image on the screen. Do you notice any exaggerations? What does this imply about the black man they play on stage?


13. "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" is whose favorite lullaby?


14. What did The Jubilee Singers contribute to society?


15. What effect do the slave spirituals have on the German audience?


16. What is George White's favorite spiritual?


17. To what music did the Jubilee Singers introduce the world?


18. How was the prophecy fulfilled for Ella Sheppard?


19. Post-Video Reflection


20. By introducing and sharing slave spirituals to the world, the Jubilee Singers showed the world that...




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