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Instructions: Go to the web site at the top of this page. When it comes up click on "A map of the trail". Here you will find the map seen above numbered from 1-19. The number 1 being where the expedition began, and the number 19 being were it ended. Beginning with number 1 on the map, click on it and find the answer to question number 1 below. After you are done click the "proceed" button to go on to number 2. Do this until you have traced the entire expedition (all of the stops) to number 19 where it ended, answering each question along the way. Enjoy the "Corps of Discovery".

1. Presidential Mission: What did Meriwether Lewis call the expedition?


2. Preparations: On what date did Lewis offer the position to William Clark?


3. Confirmation: What happened on the 20th of August?


4. Wintering with the Mandans: What did these Indians need from Lewis and Clark?


5. Turning point: What sorts of things did President Jefferson receive?


6. High on the Plains: What key landmark in the geographical Northwest did they see?


7. Decision at the Marias: What did Lewis get a first glimpse of on May 26th?


8. Majestically Grand Scenery: What did Lewis see that was so magnificent?


9. A critical Landmark: Who began to recognize this country?


10. Over the Divide: On the next day what did Lewis reach?


11. Shoshone, Salish, and Nez Perce: Who lead Lewis to the Shoshone village?


12. Through the Gorge: What was the climate of the coastal range they came across?


13. And down to the sea: How many miles had they traveled in 544 days?


14. Planning ahead: The Corps would reunite where the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers met on what date?


15. More Indian Aid: After advice from the Indians, how many miles did they average a day?


16. Clark on the Roche Juane: What animals did the captain find on the river?


17. Camp Disappointment: How did they celebrate their return to the "Flat plains of the Missouri"?


18. Nearing Home: By August 14th they were back at what village?


19. Discovering Lewis and Clark: After all was said and done what did the Corps of Discovery actually discover?


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