The West "The People" Video

NAME _________________________

1) Who was the great father?


2) What did Jefferson call the Expedition?


3) Who were the two men to lead the Expedition?


4) With them were French-Canadian boatmen, ____________ army recruits, and Clark's personal servant named ________.


5) Along with Toussaint Charbonneat, they hired a sixteen year old girl named ______________.


6) Name two of the three animals mentioned that they had never seen before.


7) What was the most important goal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition?


8) The fate of the Expedition lay in whose hands?


9) The Chief of the Shone proved to be the brother of whom?


10) When they made it out of the mountains they were found by the ______________.


11) Which Ocean did they see at the end of the trail?


12) The Americans claimed this land by Clark carving this into a tree. "William Clark ____________ by land, from the __________ ___________.


13) What threatens the Indian culture?


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