"Where in the World Am I?" Creating a Travel Brochure for Japan


1. This project will test your individual ability so you will have no partners.

2. You will create a bi or tri fold brochure on the construction paper I will provide.

3. The following elements must be present in the brochure.
A short history of the country.
General facts regarding the country.
Points of interest that are 'must sees' in the country.
Important things you need to know about traveling in Japan.
Show in your brochure what is unique about the opportunity to see Japan.

4. The brochure must look professional so has to be typed. You will type each section print it and then cut and paste it onto the construction paper.

5. You must have no less than five pictures in the brochure.

6. Please feel free to individualize your brochures as you see fit. Just keep in mind that they must be professional.

You will have four days in class to work on the project. It will be due at the end of class on Friday.