List 3 reasons why a diet high in fat is so pleasing to the body.


Do you feel you live in a food toxic environment? Why or Why not. Explain your answer.

How important a part does exercise play in a healthy lifestyle? Explain your answer.

In an average week, how much exercise do you achieve?

Do you feel you will continue to implement exercise into your lifestyle through out your life? Name some of the ways you plan to do this.

Explain in your own words what the video was implying when they talked about the over consumption of fat was part of the American lifestyle and culture.

Do you feel that fast food chains should be the sole suppliers for a school lunch program? Defend you answer.

Explain that they will be viewing a segment from the PBS series FRONTLINE, and that the topic on the video deals with Fat. After the video you will be passing out a worksheet for them to fill out about their feelings after viewing the tape. There are no right or wrong answers on the worksheet, but explain that you want them to be honest and put some thought into their answers, so viewing the video with an open mind is a most.