Outdoor Idaho Production Staff

Bruce With A Fish
BRUCE REICHERT is the host and executive producer of Outdoor Idaho. He began work on the show when it was a magazine-format program and helped shepherd it into a thematic show format. "We have tried to keep our shows exciting and relevant," says Reichert. "Our staff is always willing to go the extra mile, and we aren't afraid to explore the tough public policy issues facing the West. In fact, those are the kinds of shows I particularly enjoy doing."

Reichert has been a schoolteacher, a bartender, a librarian, the editor of Idaho's oldest newspaper, The Idaho World, and a construction worker. He lives in a log cabin he built in the mountains outside Idaho City.


John C. On A Boat
JOHN CRANCER is the lead producer for Outdoor Idaho and has worked on dozens of programs during his more than fifteen years with the show. "There are very few states in the country where you can experience the variety of terrains and lifestyles that you can find in Idaho," says Crancer.

With thirty years in television production Crancer has produced segments in nearly all of the western states and has even traveled as far as Brazil and Siberia for shoots. But Idaho and its compelling variety offer enough outdoor adventures to keep Crancer and the rest of the crew busy for a long time.



SAUNI SYMONDS recently rejoined Outdoor Idaho as a Producer Editor, after working as a producer in the corporate world, and as a producer for Independent Lens, a national PBS documentary series. She remembers when just she and Bruce worked on the show full-time, back in the 1980's, and is excited to be back on the O.I. team working on programs like "Summit Idaho" and "Winter Grit."


Pat on a shoot.
PAT METZLER is the director, editor and videographer of Outdoor Idaho. It is his job to blend pictures, sounds, and interviews into a coherent, aesthetically pleasing program.

Pat has been the camera man on some of our more difficult assignments, like our trip through the Class 4 Five Mile Rapid on the Bruneau River, or the 15 mile journey from Fish Lake to Bear Mountain Lookout during a snowstorm.

Pat is an avid hunter and whitewater enthusiast, someone equally at home in the outdoors and in the edit bay.


Jay Krajic

JAY KRAJIC is a director, editor and videographer of Outdoor Idaho; he is the go-to guy when we need someone to climb mountain peaks to get the shot!

Jay is an avid downhill skier and backpacker and has tromped through most of the wild places in Idaho. He is also a still photographer whose work has been featured in books, magazines, cards and calendars.


Marcia with her bike
MARCIA FRANKLIN is a writer/producer for Outdoor Idaho as well as the lead producer and host of Dialogue. She has worked at Idaho Public Television since 1990. Marcia particularly enjoys preserving the stories of older Idahoans, as well as others whose lives and livelihoods often go unnoticed.

"I'm still hoping to cover a story on one of Idaho's rivers," says Marcia, "something I've noticed the host of Outdoor Idaho manages to do quite frequently!"


Joan on cross-country skis

JOAN CARTAN-HANSEN is a writer/producer for Outdoor Idaho, as well producer/host of Science Trek. She has worked at Idaho Public Television since 1988. Joan is an Idaho native, who grew up canoeing, hiking, and skiing. She even has a favorite place to find huckleberries.

Joan's contributions to Outdoor Idaho include such diverse programs as “The Foothills” and “Winter Play.”


Kris Millgate
KRIS MILLGATE is an award-winning freelancer from the Idaho Falls area with extensive experience in outdoor and environmental issues. She has her own production company, Tight Line Media, and hosts the commercial TV segment Time OUT with Kris Millgate. We've been fortunate to be able to call on Kris for numerous eastern Idaho programs, like "Palisades by Season" and "Seeking Refuge."