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Our 30th Anniversary Show

By Bruce Reichert
February 15, 2013

Wagon Train on the Oregon TrailAfter almost thirty years, you’d think I’d know where we were going, but our “30th Anniversary Celebration” has entered some new territory for me.

This hour-long show, airing March 7, has become so much more than a “best of” program, thanks to the fine editing and conceptualizing of my colleagues Pat Metzler and Sauni Symonds. They’ve gone into our library of Outdoor Idaho memories, reinterpreted them, and made them show their significant side.

Those of us who have worked on Outdoor Idaho have always been fascinated by the history of this region, at least in broad strokes. And over the years, we’ve met up with some real history buffs, the ones who secretly wish they had been born a century or two earlier, the ones who can live and survive like the mountain men of old or who have actually trudged along the Oregon Trail in August, tasting the dust from their covered wagons.

Bud Moore on a RidgeOur “30th Anniversary Celebration” honors these restive souls who can teach us more about our past than a dozen history books. If you’d like to see what I mean, check out the clips at our 30th Anniversary Celebration website.

History comes in many flavors, and another part of our Anniversary show features some of the interesting people we’ve met over the years. The ones we chose to honor have all passed away: Morley Nelson, Bud Moore, Nelle Tobias, Manetta Schrite, Al Tice, Bill Studebaker. And so what can we learn from their time on this earth? We tried to find that kernel of truth that they represented.

As of this writing, the program is still being shaped and formed. But I can tell you that the collective wisdom of these folks is impressive, and I trust that you will be impressed as well.

There’s one more section of our “30th Anniversary Celebration” show that I’ll mention here, and it will go a long ways toward explaining what we do and how we’ve done it for 30 years. Call it our “Behind the Scenes” segment. Anyone wishing to emulate our television program could learn something from listening to my colleagues talk about their experiences working on the show.

Don’t miss it. A 30th anniversary show only comes around once in life. Thursday, March 7th at 8 p.m. is our time.

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