What's Coming Up

These are some of the shows we're working on:

  1. Where the Road Ends
    Ever wondered what's at the end of the road? In this hour-long Special, we'll visit some of the areas, scattered throughout the state, that are far away from the big-city life most of us know. Places like Atlanta, Chesterfield, Big Creek, Castle Peak, Bayview, Joyce Ranch, Paradise, and more. Airs March 9, 2017.
  2. Almost Canada
    We explore the attractions along the Canadian border. Airs May 2017.
  3. Creative License
    We profile some artistic types from around the state. Airs June 2017.
  4. Jobs with a View
    An interesting collection of people with fascinating jobs. Airs September 2017.
  5. Wild Horses
    Who's caring for the wild horses out on our public lands? Airs October 2017.
  6. Restoring Rivers
    Some rivers are actually improving, using some pretty innovative techniques. Airs November 2017.
  7. Pioneer Mountains
    We profile this interesting mountain range near Ketchum-Sun Valley. Airs December 2017.

Other shows we're planning:
          Postcards from Idaho
          Small Town Festivals
          Off the Grid
          Idaho in Transition
          Grapes and Hops
          Architectural Idaho
          Lost River Range

Please feel free to share your story ideas with us!