What's Coming Up

These are some of the shows we're working on:

  1. Restoring Rivers
    More than 100,000 miles of river ribbon through Idaho. We are a Headwaters state, and that resource keeps us alive. But it’s also a resource that can humble us. We have done our best to control rivers with channels, with laws, with dams; but Mother Nature does her best to show us who’s boss. Along the way we have learned a few things, allowing us to work in harmony with Nature. We'll explore how major upgrades are shaping currents on the Kootenai River, the Snake, the Salmon, the Portneuf and the Blackfoot. Aired May 24,2018.
  2. Barley & Hops
    You got it: an entire show on beer! There's a lot that goes into making a fine glass of stout; and it starts with barley and hops. Airs October 25,2018.
  3. Off the Grid
    What makes people go "off the grid"? We'll profile some people who are basically self-sufficient and have cut their ties with the power company. Airs December, 2018.
  4. Lost River Range
    It's a mountain range of distinction; it's definitely the tallest range in the state, with 12,262 foot Mt. Borah taking the prize. The towns in the Lost River valley are distinctive, also, with a history and culture all their own. Airs December 2, 2018.
  5. Pend Oreille Country
    Idaho's largest and deepest lake makes the northern part of the state something truly special. In this hour-long program, we'll explore just how unique this part of Idaho is. Airs March, 2019.

Other shows we're considering:
          Postcards from Idaho
          Small Town Festivals
          Making Things
          Hells Canyon

Please feel free to share your story ideas with us!