What's Coming Up

These are some of the shows we're working on:

  1. Search & Rescue
    People are always getting lost, or hurt in the outdoors. Luckily, there are others who love to find them. Sometimes it works out; sometimes it doesn't. Airs February 12, 2015.
  2. State of Wonder
    While not technically an “Outdoor Idaho” show, it will air in the “Outdoor Idaho” timeslot. It’s another of our hour-long programs that explores the entire state, with lots of new aerial footage. Airs March 5, 2015.
  3. Teton Valley
    We profile this wonderful eastern Idaho region. Airs in May, 2015.
  4. The Frank
    We visit the Frank Church wilderness to see how it's faring. Airs in June, 2015.
  5. Rock Hounds
    We explore the world of the rock hound and in the process learn something about our state and our planet. Airs in July, 2015.
  6. Bear Lake
    A slice of Idaho that most of us never seem to get to. Too bad, ‘cuz there's a lot going on in southeastern Idaho. Airs in September, 2015.
  7. Way Under Idaho
    We go way underground with some cavers for the first show of our 33rd season. Airs in October, 2015.
  8. Jobs With a View
    Not everybody works at a desk. We profile folks whose jobs take them to extraordinary outdoor places, or who work with interesting creatures, or whose passions preserve Idaho's outdoor heritage. Airs in 2015.
  9. Idaho Headwaters
    We think we know our rivers. But do we really? An hour long Special. Airs in December, 2015.

Other shows we're thinking about:

    Lost River Range
    Double Dare
    Pioneer Mountains
    Are our lakes Dying?
    Out of Idaho
    Almost Canada
    History Keepers
    Bucket List
    Off the Grid
Please feel free to share your story ideas with us!