What's Coming Up

These are some of the shows we're working on:

  1. Idaho Headwaters
    We are a state rich in rivers. And the waters that feed those rivers -- Idaho's headwaters -- are truly some of the West's sacred places. In this hour-long program, we pay tribute to the small streams that transport water from the upper reaches of the watershed to the main part of a river. Since headwater streams are often located in the state's most beautiful, hard-to-reach places, "Idaho Headwaters" allows us to explore some of the state's remarkable rivers in new ways, with video not seen before. The Snake, the Salmon, and the Selway, the Boise, the Owyhee, and the St. Joe -- these rivers help define our state; and in turn, headwaters help define these rivers. They remind us what it is that's worth protecting in this world of ours. Airs December 6, 2015.
  2. My Excellent Adventure
    A bucket list of adventures. Airs March 2016 
  3. Caribbean of the Rockies
    A slice of Idaho that most of us never seem to get to. Too bad, ‘cuz there's a lot going on in southeastern Idaho. Airs April 2016.

Other shows we're thinking about:

  • Jobs with a View
  • Lost River Range
  • Have Kayak, Will Travel
  • Pioneer Mountains
  • Off the Grid
  • What's Happening to our Big Lakes?
  • Out of Idaho
  • Almost Canada
  • History Keepers
  • Outfitters
  • Biking
  • Ghost Towns that Refuse to Die


Please feel free to share your story ideas with us!