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Comments from Viewers

The show aired, the phones rang, and the balloons popped. Our "30th Anniversary Celebration" was a big hit that seemed to really connect with viewers. Here are some of the comments we've received.

30th Anniversary is a Hit With Viewers (March 2013)

"The show was simply wonderful! Thank you! And to Jeff — I remember quite clearly when you were an enthusiastic high school intern. Glad to see you have kept the same spirit."  MJ Durant

"Bruce and all of the staff — what a delight it is to watch . . . I am retiring soon, and we hope to see some of the sites in-person. Thank you for inspiring us to travel close to home and see the beauty in our own backyard!"  Steve Brennan

"By far the best programming on TV!!!! Keep up the great work!!"  Shawn Whitney

"Time flies when you're exploring Nature! 30 years??! Congratulations!"  Jenny Laper

"We watched this on our Windows computer through our TV since we have no PBS signal now. This is a great piece on our beautiful state! It was fun to see cousin Joan Cartan-Hansen in there golfing!"  Lynda Powers

"I loved it. Nelle Tobias was such an inspiration for me and so many others. Plus she showed it is ok to be nice and strong."  Wendy Wilson

"We loved the anniversary show. It was fun to go behind the filming with all the stories. I never thought about the effect of bugs on the lens. Yuk! All of you have such an adventurous job. To 30 more."  Janet Hessler Hattervig

"Buzzfeed or other Top Ten lists ain't got nothing on Bruce Reichert and the gang at Idaho Public TV when it comes to showing off Idaho's greatness."  Shea Andersen

"Idaho and Outdoor go together. Wallace Stegner once said Westerners live outdoors more than people elsewhere, because outdoors is mainly what they've got. Well, this is what we got, what we had, and full of clues to where we might go. Happy 30th!"  John Freemuth

"Outstanding job with the 30th anniversary show. You really captured Idaho, its people, and the great crew at Idaho Public Television. I especially liked seeing Bud Moore and Nelle Tobias. Nelle was a rock who passed for a wildflower. She was strong and solid but delicate and beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for bringing her to Idaho's attention. Again, good job."  Ed Cannady

Pat Metzler filming at Craters of the Moon

"What always impressed me was the ability of the Outdoor Idaho team to be timely. Idaho's a big place and Boiseans are, in the rest of the state, notoriously parochial. But, whether I was living on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille or on the Snake River Plain, you guys showed up early in each unfolding story about fish or wildlife or whatever was on the minds of hardy Idahoans."  Dean Miller

"Too much Fun!! That is why they do it. What an excuse to be in the most gorgeous places of the world! Enjoyed every fact filled minute. My hat's off to all involved in the production!"  Carole Bevan

"The Outdoor Idaho producers would scoff at being called artists but that's what they are. Good art takes time, devotion, obsession, choosing it over other ways of being in the world and just plain hard work.

I don't think it is the artist's duty to say what the culture wants to see, but rather the artist challenges the viewer to share a particular and unique way of seeing the world around them or to express visually what we all collectively "know" but that some are unable of "saying." It ends up that after 30 years on the air, Outdoor Idaho continues to see and say it for us - and it's all in our own back yard! For Outdoor Idaho, like with any good artist, the best is good enough.

The German Poet Rilke said, 'Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day into your answers.'"  Molly Hill

"Thank you all for capturing the beauty and grace of our amazing state over the past three decades. Well done. Well done indeed!"  Annie Wardwell

"Great production. Looks like you guys have way too much fun doing it!"  Don Rosebrock

"Wonderful production and proud of such an amazing show. A gem for Idaho!! Well done.  Stewart Wilder

"We watched the 2nd half of the show last night and really enjoyed it… Congrats to the Outdoor Idaho team! There are many more stories to tell!  Steve Stuebner

"Hard to believe it's been 30 years, and you are still finding new things to showcase about Idaho!"  Linda Mason Moats

"It was/is a wonderful program – it felt in many ways like a family reunion, not just of you who put it together and the folks whom we've lost, but of all of us who've watched and loved (and sometimes gotten to help with) the program. To another 30 – and more!"  Judy Austin

"You guys were playing hooky from preschool when you started the show 30 years ago!"  Gary Daniel

"Outdoor Idaho, you outdid yourselves last night with the airing of your 30th Anniversary program. The videography, the stories and narrative were all simply amazing! I was excited to see what you would come up with to accompany our song toward the end of the program, but it was as if the song and the landscapes were soul mates. Well done! Thank you for all that you do for Idaho with every single program."  Michelle Coleman, singer/songwriter

25th Anniversary Show Comments (March 2008)

"A great show. I love you guys. You make Idaho come alive," emailed John Freemuth.

Chris Harris wrote us: "I love Outdoor Idaho. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"What a great show! AND y'all obviously had fun putting it together," emailed Diane Ronayne. "Thanks for going through everything you had to go through to make that show happen. It's truly valuable in so many ways, and the documentary footage of both people and places will become even more valuable over time. P.S. The hat piece was priceless!"

Jim Weatherby wrote, "Dana and I really enjoyed your Outdoor Idaho special. What a rich and rewarding career doing those extraordinary shows. Congratulations and best wishes for the next 25!"

"I don't know the composers or the artists that sing these songs on Outdoor Idaho," wrote Jim Weaver, "but they are the most beautiful songs I've heard. And, I dearly love Outdoor Idaho! It gets better every year."

"When I was watching your show," wrote Curt Henson, "I started thinking, when do I feel the most joy and happiness in my life? It's when I'm in the great Idaho Outdoors! I would like to find out how to become a part of Outdoor Idaho in any capacity."

John Bertram wrote, "Idaho thanks you for 25 years of discovery and adventure. Thanks for giving Idahoans a lifetime of places to seek out and hopefully provide stewardship."

"Enjoyed it very much!! especially the scene with the nibbling horse!!!" emailed Beth Pederson, of the musical duo Beth & Cinde.

Ann Couch emailed, "This is SUCH a BEAUTIFULLY done program - you are the best! Have watched the 25th anniversary show twice."

Marty Peterson sent this note: "So Barb and I had settled in to watch the 25 years special on our new 42" HDTV and when you came on the screen, I said 'You know, Swisher hates Bruce's hats' before anything was mentioned about your hats. And sometime later the Swisher video appears. Funniest moment of the week at our place."

And one more.

Musician Curtis Stigers, who wrote a song for our 25th show, sent us this note. "We were glued to every frame, every moment of the show. It was funny, charming, interesting, entertaining, and, most of all, emotionally moving. I must cop to having been moved to tears at least 5 times and choked up quite a few more. The editing, the new interviews and commentaries, the blasts from the past: all wonderful. My favorites: your hats and Jeff Tucker as a bright-eyed teenager. What a terrific show. I couldn't be more proud to be part of it. Thank you so much for asking me to contribute my music. I consider myself very lucky to be a part of the anniversary of a show that is such an important part of Idaho. Vive le Outdoor Idaho! Here's to 25 more years! I hope you'll include me in the 50th anniversary."