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Fishing on the Kootenai River

Gary Stueve is a local outfitter in the Bonners Ferry area. His Three Heart Outfitters company name comes from a brand his grandparents used on their cattle in the 1800s.Today Stueve offers a variety of adventures in this region he knows so well. From whitewater rafting, to hunting, horse packing and drift boat fishing on the Kootenai River he offers a variety of adventures.

Gary rowing drift boat on Kootenai

I love this country. The variety of wildlife, the scenery. On the Kootenai River, it allows you to enjoy every aspect. You have like partially whitewater right into just big rocky, cliffy canyon, gorgeous scenery, and it flows into the Kootenai Valley. And then you've got the slow, meandering deep water that flows back into Canada. So you've got a variety of everything you can imagine. And that gives you a variety of fish, too.
-- Gary Stueve, Three Heart Outfitters

Stueve loves rowing his drift boats on the Kootenai River and putting his guests into the perfect spots for fishing. On this section of the Kootenai the primary sport fish are rainbows and whitefish.

Brent and Gary in boat

This Kootenai River is just one of the most beautiful stretches of water I believe I've ever seen. This is just awesome, awesome water. And we've seen some really monster rainbows in this river, right on the bottom. It's cold water, so they fight really well. And it's just a beautiful place to be on a day like today. This is a paradise. I've got good company and beautiful scenery, and it's hard to beat.
-- Brent Hudson, fishing client