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The Hunts, the Moyie and Waterfalls

John and Donna Hunt like the northern part of Idaho so much they bought a cabin on the Moyie River. Their property is only about a mile from the Canadian border.

I always dreamed about having a cabin in the mountains on a stream. It's just gorgeous. There's mountains and trees and water, and it's peaceful. And then the connection to John's family is what really made it more appealing to me.
-- Donna Hunt

Hunts' cabin on the Moyie

John Hunt's family is from the Bonners Ferry area and he spent a good portion of his youth coming up to the Moyie River. It's a place where he has great memories.

I was raised in Sandpoint. My grandparents and cousins, aunts and uncles lived in Bonners Ferry, so we spent a lot of time up here visiting and holidays and particularly fishing. And I just love it.
-- John Hunt

Because they live right on the Moyie River the Hunts have easy access for floating. They try to get their kayaks out on the water as often as possible.

Hunts kayaking the Moyie

I mean, all we have to do is come out the front door and hop in the kayaks and make a day of it. I think the best thing is just getting out on a day where it's sunny, the air is cool and crisp, and the serenity of just floating down the river.
-- John Hunt

In addition to floating the river the Hunts also enjoy hiking and exploring the forest trails in the area. One of their favorite trips is a walk to nearby Copper Falls.

Hunts at Copper Falls

When I have family and friends come to visit we have to take them there because it's just one of the attractions in the area, and it's so close. I never get tired of that scenery, the old growth trees in there and the stream. And it's a gentle walk. We usually always like to try to go up in the early spring to see the spring runoff
-- Donna Hunt

The spring runoff is also impressive at a number of other waterfalls in northern Idaho. Some of the best include Moyie Falls, Snow Creek Falls, Myrtle Falls, and Smith Creek Falls.

Smith Creek Falls