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Moyie River Rafting

The Moyie River is another waterway in the northern panhandle that flows into the area from Canada. Not far from Idaho's border crossing town of Eastport you can see the currents of the Moyie flowing in from the north. From the border the Moyie runs twenty-six miles before joining the Kootenai River east of Bonners Ferry. Over this stretch the Moyie offers rafters a chance to paddle one of the lesser known white water runs in Idaho. Row Adventures has been taking boaters down the Moyie for decades.

We launch at a place called Moyie Crossing. We're maybe 10 miles from the Canadian border at most. The Moyie River to me is a super unique river and has lot of great opportunities. It kind of starts out with that nice, mellow float, a chance for people to get comfortable in the boats.
-- Rebecca Kemner, Guide, Row Adventures

A calm section of the Moyie River

While the first half of the Moyie may be relatively mellow, the river definitely picks up steam the further down river you float. The canyon narrows, the walls rise higher, and the rapids get bigger. There's also the Moyie's own unique obstacle, Eileen Dam. It's an impressive barrier and from river level rafters can't see an easy way around it.

Looking at dam from raft at river level

It looks like you're just going into this wall of concrete, and at the last minute it kind of doglegs to the left, and you slip right through there. But it was exciting, and then when we looked back to the left, we had the waterfall coming back down. It was beautiful.
--J oe Wiley, Moyie River rafter

Eileen Dam with waterfall

It's kind of a very unique rapid. I don't know where else you get to go rafting through a blown out dam but here on the Moyie. There's lots of big, well known rivers in Idaho, but the Moyie, I think, is like a little gem. Sharing a place that I love with other people is very fulfilling thing for me personally.
-- Rebecca Kemner, Guide, Row Adventures