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Horse Packing to Shorty Peak Lookout

Shorty Peak Lookout is about 45 miles northwest of Bonners Ferry and very close to the Canadian border. You can either hike the trail to the lookout or take a horse pack trip with Three Heart Outfitters. Riding to the top of the mountain is a great way for horse lovers to enjoy getting out in this appealing northern Idaho country.

Valerie on horseback

I like to ride horses because I've grown up on them. It's the first thing I want to do as soon as the weather's nice. I don't know if it's just a little girl thing that always dreams about having a horse, but, to me, just even the smell of a horse puts me in a good mood. It's just a peaceful and clean adventure. It puts me closer to God and nature.
-- Valerie Barton, rider

Cory Stueve is the son of Three Heart Outfitters owner Gary Stueve. He's following in his dads footsteps by leading a number of the company's outdoor trips. Taking a group to the top of Shorty Peak is just one of the many adventures he has the skills to lead.

Cory riding in the lead

I just love the country and the outdoor lifestyle, and the mountains and the hunting and the fishing and the scenery. And, you know, it's just kind of a less populated area, kind of makes it nice in a way. Especially when you get out here away from civilization, it's just so much more peaceful up here in the mountains and everything.
-- Cory Stueve, Three Heart Outfitters

Group at Shorty Peak Lookout

By the time the group reaches the summit and Shorty Peak Lookout they can see the entire surrounding countryside. And those who have time can actually stay overnight at the scenic lookout. It's a high demand location that's part of the Forest Service's rental program. From the lookout there are 360 degree views from Washington to Idaho and Montana. And Canada is just a few miles to the north.

Wide scenic from lookout

Over the direction here is actually the town of Creston, British Columbia. Behind us the other direction we're almost to the crest of the Selkirk Range where it heads south, back towards Bonners Ferry. It's just neat to be somewhere where you can just sit up here and see as far as the eye can see. I think it's just an awesome, beautiful place. You know, a lot of people I don't think even realize what's here. Everywhere you look is just beautiful.
-- Cory Stueve, Three Heart Outfitters