Owyhee Uplands National Backcountry Byway

Map of Owyhee Uplands byway

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"You definitely need to have a full tank of gas and make sure your spare tire has air in it because you may not see other people."

–Judi Zuckert, BLM recreation specialist

Scenic view of Owyhee Uplands byway

It's called the Owyhee Uplands National Backcountry Byway . . . a name chosen by the Bureau of Land Management. Locals simply call it the Mud Flat Road.

It's the main connector through the huge chunk of public land in southwest Idaho managed by the BLM. The byway runs from just outside Jordan Valley, Oregon to the outskirts of Grandview, Idaho, a distance of over a hundred miles.

Truck driving on dirt road in Owyhee Uplands byway

Don’t expect any service stations or convenience stores on this route. The best you’ll find are a few scattered ranches.