[Image: hunting gear including a rifle, jacket and gloves]

Outdoor Idaho's "Bird Hunting in Idaho" takes a look at heading out into the Idaho uplands in search of game birds.

Join us for during what many think of as the best season, bird season. We'll take you afield in the early morning light for dove hunting in Canyon County. These small rockets blaze across the sky at amazing speeds fooling and confusing even veteran hunters. Dove season is often the first time many hunters step afield each year. We head out with family and friends to join in the hunt.

The Seven Devils Ranch is part of the OX Ranch outside Council, Idaho. It's a great big chunk of our state that has been set aside and preserved as wild. We'll head for the hills . . . and up the hills . . . and down the hills . . . looking for the wily chukkar.

"When you have shot one bird flying you have shot all birds flying. They are all different and they fly in different ways but the sensation is the same and the last one is as good as the first."
-Ernest Hemingway, 1932

Winter is when the bird hunting season slows down for the year. These final, chilly hunts, are often some of the most memorable. At the Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area outside of Parma, Idaho we try to hunt up some late-season pheasants. It may not be the wilderness hunting experience some think of as ideal, but it's a great way to head out, walk the land, work the dog and maybe put up some colorful roosters.

Armchair hunters might enjoy reading some wonderful tales from masters of the genre.

  • An Affair With Grouse, George Bird Evans
  • A Hunter's Road, Jim Fergus
  • De Shootinest Gent'man and The Best Of Nash Buckingham, Nash Buckingham
  • Colter, Rick Bass
  • Just Before Dark, Jim Harrison
  • A Listening Walk and Other Stories, Gene Hill
  • Stories of the Old Duck Hunters and Other Drivel, Gordon MacQuarrie

Gus is Jim Peck's Chesapeake Bay Retriever featured in this program. He is seven years old and has hunted everything from ducks and geese in Wisconsin and Illinois to chukkar and quail out here in the West. He was bred and trained at Lakeshore Kennels in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and doesn't seem to mind trading snow for sagebrush. He's a decidedly "indoor dog" who lives for the hunt.

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