"I was born 200 years too late . . . I always dreamed of being a mountain man and a fur trapper or pioneer since I was a little kid."

David Benson from "Buckskin Brigade"

It was an exciting time. The West was young and the opportunities unlimited. Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery were among the first to venture into this uncharted territory. A few years later David Thompson and his band of fur traders were exploring the area that is now northern Idaho and Montana. These groups were followed by scores of others. Trappers, explorers, and pioneers were drawn to the grand adventure and boundless resources that were the West of the early 19th century.

Now in the 21st century, many people long to renew the excitement and nostalgia of those historic times. They want to recapture the essence of days gone by. The search for the past takes place along many avenues — at a mountain man rendezvous, in fur trade canoes, on paths tred by Lewis and Clark, and along the Oregon Trail.

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