"Some people have called it the big quiet. If you get up here on top and there are no airplanes flying over, you don't hear a sound, you don't see a city, any smokestacks, or anything. You're just out in the west somewhere."

Herb Myer from Outdoor Idaho's "Owyhee Canyonlands"

Owyhee River CanyonThe Owhyee Canyonlands are a vestige of the great American west. The sparsely populated high desert located in southwestern Idaho, northern Nevada, and eastern Oregon may be the most remote area in the lower forty-eight. It is a vast and rugged landscape of about six million acres. The topography of the region includes rolling sagebrush steppe, plateaus of volcanic rock, juniper covered mountains and sheer walled canyons. Most of the area is public land administered by the Bureau of Land Management.

Owyhee River CanyonThe Owyhee Canyonlands are a magical place. Here the desolate beauty of the desert captures you. The unceasing movement of water has carved an enchanting landscape from volcanic rock. A landscape waiting to be explored by those who overcome the challenges that hides its secrets from the multitudes.

From Outdoor Idaho "Owhyee Canyonlands"