Bureau of Land Management

Owyhee River Canyon
For years the Owyhees were the domain of those few hardy ranchers and miners, but recently the canyonlands have begun to change. With the rising population in the west, more people are rediscovering the value of those arid lands. Now four wheeling, river running, hunting, hiking and many other recreational pursuits also place demands on once ignored public land. Add military training, wildlife management, Native American sites and conservation desires into the mix and you have a complicated management puzzle. It's the job of the Bureau of Land Management to balance the various needs and interests and develop management plans that meet its multiple use mandate.

Kate Kitchell

"I certainly believe there is a way to bring people together. I think we probably have more in common than not. What draws people to the debate is usually a passion about the place."
Kate Kitchell - Bureau of Land Management