Colonnade Falls

Colonnade Falls

This cascade is found in Bechler Canyon, about nine miles up the trail from the Bechler Ranger Station. The falls may be named for the nearby vertical basalt layers that look like large columns. This is one of the most dramatic waterfalls in the Cascade Corner.

It’s a thunderous double drop of the Bechler River. The upper falls is thirty-five feet tall while the lower is sixty-seven feet. The two tiered cascade over steep basalt creates a mesmerizing scene.

Colonnade Falls viewed from the front.

“When you come up to it, it is just so lovely and strong and powerful. It’s almost like its falling, strong lace. And it comes down and then there are boulders at the bottom so it circles or angles out and then it drops again. And the colors, every color you can imagine is there and when the sun sparkles there’s the rainbow at the bottom. It was just beautiful. And the sound is good…the sound is good.”

Alice Crockett—Yellowstone Backpacker