Silver Scarf Falls viewed from the bottom.

Silver Scarf Falls

Silver Scarf is about nine miles from the Bechler Ranger station on an unnamed branch of Boundary Creek. The water of the stream that creates the cascade is warm, heated by a number of thermal springs to the north.

To reach the falls requires a steep ascent from the Bechler Meadows area along the Boundary Creek Trail. A hillside scramble takes hikers to the edge of the waterfall.

Silver Scarf Falls

“It’s just this whole series of stair steps. It’s like the Jolly Green Giant could just walk right up that thing. You have the rumble of the water rushing by, you can look downstream and it had a great image of the river in the sunlight. And then you can turn and look upstream and see it coming over successive ledges as you look further and further up. It’s really quite pleasant.”

Sam Pole—Yellowstone Backpacker