Snowmobiling on the Cave Falls road that has been been groomed into a trail

Snowmobiling into the Cascade Corner

Local snowmobilers from eastern Idaho have easy access to a small slice of Yellowstone’s Cascade Corner. East of Ashton the Cave Falls road becomes a groomed snowmobile route in the winter.

From the groomed trail riders can turn off before the park and follow an ungroomed backcountry route down to Sheep Falls. But if they stay on the main road it will lead them into Yellowstone National Park itself. Although snowmobiles aren’t allowed very far into this part of the park, Cave Falls in winter is well worth the trip.

A group of snowmobilers stand under cover and look at Cave Falls.

For a closer look the riders can get off their machines and hike through the snow to the cave at the edge of the falls. It’s a great vantage point to view a frosty cave falls surrounded by ice and snow.

“Well it’s just everything that you would picture in your mind of winter beauty. You go up there, you park your sled and you walk down and see the icicles hanging off the rocks… and the water is just going over the falls and it’s just absolutely gorgeous.”

Troy Elmore—Snowmobile rider