Union Falls in summer

Union Falls

Union Falls can be reached by several backcountry trails. A couple of the routes off the Grassy Lake route require about fourteen miles of travel and multiple stream crossings.

Union Falls is undoubtedly one of the parks most beautiful cascades. The stunning drop is formed by the union of two creeks at the edge of a sheer rock precipice. From that glorious junction the torrent covers the broad rock face with sparkling strands of translucent waters.

Hikers stop along a trail to look at Union Falls.

“That was amazing. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Just all the water and how huge it was and it was really cool. That was probably my favorite, the most enjoyable part of the trip. That was like the end of the day gift. Yes, the highlight of the day was Union Falls.”

Valerie Frechette—Backcountry rider