Sheep Falls in summer

Sheep Falls

Just outside the boundary of Yellowstone National Park a rough jeep trail leads down to the Falls River. That’s where you’ll find Sheep Falls. You can walk, ride horses, or get there in some type of four wheel drive vehicle. In the winter you can travel the same route by snowmobile to reach the falls.

Seeing a frigid Sheep Falls accented with sparkling snow and ice crystals is something few people get a chance to experience.

People on snowmobiles at Sheep Falls

“It looks like an island of rock right out in the middle and you wonder how that little bit of snow could just hang in there in the middle of this big rushing river but it does and it’s worth going the extra mile to go check it out. A lot of people don’t go in there and probably don’t even know that it’s there but there is not a whole lot of area right there and it’s not a big networking of trails so the reason you go to that area is for the destination and that’s the falls.”

Troy Elmore—Snowmobile rider