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Franklin D. Roosevelt on the CCC

In 1932, the Democratic candidate for President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, promised to help "the forgotten man at the bottom of the economic pyramid." Roosevelt’s "New Deal" proposed several new federal programs aimed at shoring up banks, helping industry and farmers, and providing relief and job programs for the unemployed.

Two days after taking office, Roosevelt outlined plans to put 500,000 young men to work in the nation’s forests, parks, and range lands. He called it the Emergency Conservation Work program, but it soon became known as the CCC – the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Of all the "New Deal" programs, the CCC was clearly Roosevelt’s favorite. It accomplished two important goals – preservation of the nation’s natural resources AND its human resources.

Three Essentials for Unemployment Relief. March 21, 1933

The CCC is Started, April 5, 1933

The Second "Fireside Chat" -- "What We Have Been Doing and What We Are Planning to Do." May 7, 1933.

Greetings to the Civilian Conservation Corps. July 8, 1933

Radio Address on the Third Anniversary of CCC. April 17, 1936

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