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Few states benefited from the CCC program more than Idaho. During its ten year history, the CCC operated 163 camps in the Gem state – more than any other state except California. Nearly 30,000 Idaho men found jobs in the CCC. And, along the way, they made friends with 60,000 young men from other states – some with far different backgrounds. "I really got an education just being acquainted with these kids. Some of it was good. Some of it wasn’t," says W.R. "Rusty" Clemons.

In exchange for that "education," the CCC boys worked and worked hard. Their accomplishments changed Idaho. The CCC boys built more than 90 dams, more than 200 lookouts, planted millions of trees and built miles of roads and trail, providing access that we take for granted today. "What we built for a dollar a day still stands," says Doug Eier, still proud of what he and his buddies accomplished during the Great Depression.

Eier isn’t alone. Many CCC vets have fond memories of their time in the Three C’s. For many, their CCC experience was a pivotal event in their life. "I wouldn’t trade that experience for winning the lottery," says Fred Gibson. "I was a kid when I came in here, but I went out of here a man."

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