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Error Messages and Other Gremlins…What We Think They Mean:

Error message received
“You cannot receive this content. You do not have enough network bandwidth.”

General meaning
This one was forwarded to us recently. We believe it means that the network that you are connected to does not have the capacity at that moment to connect to our server. Suggested remedy…try again in a few minutes.

Error message received
“Requested File Not Found. The link you followed may be outdated or inaccurate.”

General meaning
What we THINK this really means is that the IPTV server running REAL PRODUCTS software has reached its’ 60 user capacity. We’ve looked into obtaining a software package that allows 100 simultaneous users, however it currently cost about $7,000 and two would be needed. SUGGESTED REMEDY…help IdahoPTV underwrite $14,000…or try again in a few minutes…someone will no doubt log off!

Error message received
“I log onto and all I get is HISSSS!”

General meaning
This problem occasionally crops up…and mysteriously disappears just as quickly. Our best guess is that the aging public address system that exists in the House and Senate that we take our feed off of may have some problems that develop and just as quickly disappear!

Error message received
“Network Congestion” appears on the bottom of the G2 player.

General meaning
The Internet is experiencing too many demands at that moment. SUGGESTED REMEDY…most likely it will clear up in a few moments.

[Q] How can I best optimize my computer to run a streaming program?

[A] Don't run multiple browsers or programs while listening/viewing a stream file.

[Q] What speed modem do I need for streaming files?

[A] Real Products recommends at least a 28.8 modem.. but the faster the better. Performance is definitely better with a faster modem.

[Q] What if I want to download some other file while watching or listening to a streaming file?

[A] Don't download files while viewing or listening to files. This uses up bandwidth to and from your computer and may cause lose of the image or audio from the streaming file.

[Q] Who should I contact if I want to let someone know my feelings about this pilot project by Idaho PTV?

[A] You can email Peter Morrill, General Manager of Idaho Public Television.