Alison Meyer

alison meyer

"People ask, 'What did you do to become a photographer? When did you decide to become a photographer?' It really wasn't a choice. It was just kind of a natural progression of things that I was driven to doing and can't stop doing."

Since 1990 Alison Meyer has lived in north Idaho, selling her photography at galleries, shops, fairs and art shows throughout the Northwest, as well as over the internet. Her photographs are displayed across the US and Europe, as well as many other corners of the world - including a tiny workshop in Antarctica, offices in Asia, and homes in Africa.

Meyer's images have also appeared in numerous magazines, advertisements, and book publications including Atlantic Monthly Magazine, Idaho Wildlife Magazine, A Bond With The Wild, and A Birder's Guide To Idaho. Meyer was also a featured artist in the Idaho Public TV documentary, "Visions On The Palouse."

This Chasing the Light profile was excerpted from Picturing Idaho.

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Jensen's Paradise Ridge in north Idaho by Alison Meyer [Copyright Alison Meyer]