"The barriers to cycling are pretty non-existent. It's a lifetime sport. You can start when you are three years old, and you can start when you are 70 years old."

––Mike Cooley, George's Cycles, Boise

Bicycling Tips

Bicycling can be more fun if you learn proper technique, and have the right placement. Here are some tips from our participants:

[Image: Gloria Smith, Founder, WomanTours]

"If you learn how to sit on the saddle and bend at your leg joint (at your hip) and not in the middle of your back, it's very easy on your back. But a lot of people try to bend in the middle of their back and that's hard on it."
--Gloria Smith, Founder, WomanTours

[Image: Barb Kreisle, Coach, Performance High, LLC]

"Where you look is where you go. Your eyes lead the way. Try not to let them become stagnant in any one place, because if you fixate on a certain portion of the trail everything falls apart on you. As you progress in your abilities, the faster you go, the further ahead you need to look. That's the most important part of mountain biking, is fixating where you want to be."
--Barb Kreisle, Coach, Performance High, LLC

[Image: Michelle StanWiens, Coach, Performance High, LLC]

"Just try it once in a safe environment. I remember my first downhill ski experience. I learned as an adult. I went with somebody who was much, much better than I was, and it was a disastrous experience. That is one of the things that can turn a person off to something. They are taken on a trial or a ride that is much too difficult for them. So I think if you can find someone you trust and know they will adequately assess your skill level; that can make all the difference."
--Michelle StanWiens, Coach, Performance High, LLC

[Image: Douglas Tobin, Coach, BYRDS]

"The one thing you should do is go to your local bike shop and see how you size up on the bicycle, how your bicycle works. How should I sit? Where should I be in terms of leg extension? Always wear a helmet and the right cycling gear-it's always going to help. And find a few people to go out and ride with. That's usually the best way to get yourself out there."
--Douglas Tobin, Coach, BYRDS

[Image: Chase Dees, 12, Member, BYRDS]

"Some of my tips would be to get the proper equipment and always check your bike after you get it tuned up. You could get it tuned up by someone and it still wouldn't be that good."
--Chase Dees, 12, Member, BYRDS

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