Wickahoney Stage Stop

[Image: vintage photo of a building in Wickahoney]

The Wickahoney stage stop

The Wickahoney stage stop, or what’s left of it, wasn’t always a crumbling ruin in the middle of the Owyhee Desert. It was once the tidy home of the Dunning family, who established a ranch at the remote location in 1887.

It was also a functioning post office and refuge for travelers on the stage route between the towns of Mountain City, Nevada and Mountain Home, Idaho. As with most desert encampments it was built near a dependable water supply, the lush Wickahoney Springs.

[Image: Wickahoney today]

The Wickahoney stage stop today

"In 1895 they actually began to build the structure that remains down there now. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places. Somewhere around the 1930s they developed a new route and the change in the road signaled the demise of what was the stage station." --Bill Eastlake, Desert Traveler

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