Ken Meter, Crossroads Resource Center

Ken Meter

In June 2010, the Treasure Valley Food Coalition brought food economist Ken Meter to Boise to present his food assessment findings to the community. View his Powerpoint presentation (23MB PDF), and the highlights of his data compilation (500kb PDF).

What would it mean for Idaho’s economy if more people adopted a locavore lifestyle? For starters, Meter says we would not have to spend nearly $2 billion a year in the Treasure Valley alone on food that is produced outside the state.

“A food system isn’t just about having the biggest corporations in the world or the biggest farms or the most profitable businesses. That’s nice to have but that is not the purpose of our food system. It’s really to build in our communities health for ourselves, wealth for the people who live in our communities, especially those who produce the food and also connection between each other and also the capacity of knowing how to handle food well and safely.”
--Ken Meter