James Reed & Jeannie Wall, Idaho’s Bounty

Jeannie Wall

James Reed

In 2007, a dedicated group of local producers and consumers established an online cooperative called Idaho’s Bounty. Their goal is to provide a consistent source of local food.

James Reed produces a year-round supply of herbs and produce in a geothermal greenhouse in Hagerman. He also served as the co-op’s first truck driver, driving to producers’ homes every week to pick up their offerings and taking them to a distribution center in Hailey.

“Bar none the real joy is just seeing these people, saying hi, hearing how much they appreciate what we’re doing and getting their ideas about how it could be better.”
--James Reed

Idaho’s Bounty relies on the Internet to work. Customers can search idahosbounty.org for food by producer or type, and compare prices and farming methods.

“It is sort of interesting that we’ve taken this age old tradition of small sustainable farming and used a very modern technology to merge the two and try to grow. I think ultimately our greatest mission is to grow this food shed to a sustainable level by finding the market for it, by allowing these farmers to survive from that market and having enough sales to continue to grow even more food.”
--Jeannie Wall