Kurtis Williams, Waterwheel Gardens

Kurtis Williams

Today, there are more than fifty farmers markets around the state of Idaho. The largest among them is the Capitol City Public Market, located in downtown Boise every Thursday evening and Saturday morning from spring till fall.

Kurtis Williams of Waterwheel Gardens in Emmett grows fruit and produce. As past president of the Capitol City Public Market, he has seen the demand for farmers markets grow. Along with his sons, Williams is often seen at the Boise and Hailey markets interacting directly with customers.

“A lot of people just love to meet the producers, the growers the artisans. That’s what this market is about. When the customers come and buy they are actually talking with the person—or the families in our case— that actually produce things and I think that is inspiring to people.”
--Kurtis Williams

Williams says it is clear the demand for eating and buying local is on the rise. The Boise market attracts as many as 15,000 to 20,000 people on Saturday mornings.

“The market is providing for growth in the city here and for bringing people back down to the inner city.”
--Kurtis Williams