Bill Studebaker snowyakking down the face of a mountainThe snowyaks are just plain old kayaks. Snow machines drag them to the top of an Idaho mountain, and you’re off!

First of all, we’re having fun. And there’s an element of absurdity, an element of risk, an element of chance. And the possibility that not many people have done this. And at this very spot, I suspect no one.
-- Bill Studebaker, extreme sports enthusiast

Carving yak tracks, through the fresh Idaho powder: it’s the envy of skiers everywhere, with no lift lines or season passes needed. And the runs are nice and long.

Bill Studebaker laughing and covered in snow after wiping out while snowyakkingYou can really control them. You’ve got good edges; and the more speed, the more carving you can do. And what we’re doing is using our kayaks as toboggans . The great advantage is you can steer em, you can jump em, you can flip em, you can spin em. They’re the toboggan I know you wanted and I wanted as a kid.
-- Bill Studebaker

It’s just one more thing that makes kayaking a great sport, and one of the cheapest investments you can make. Even the wipeouts are fun!

Twelve months out of the year. Water is great. Solid, liquid or gas. It’s the best. This is one of the great ways to see this country. It’s one of the great ways to enjoy it. Some of the greatest snowyakking in the world is right here.
-- Bill Studebaker