Great Granddad Dennis Small

Dennis Small on horse

The Small Ranch traces its roots back to 1879 when Dennis Small rode out of frontier Rexburg to find a place that he and his wife Sarah could call their own. He chose some land in the Medicine Lodge Sinks area not far from today’s Idaho and Montana border. Of course when Dennis started the ranch Idaho was sill over a decade from statehood.

Vintage Small family photo

Dennis Small was the first white man to settle in the area and Native Americans were frequent visitors to the ranch. According to family lore Sarah took in some local Indians trapped in a snowstorm while her husband was away. In subsequent visits the tribal members would leave food and other gifts in appreciation for her act of kindness.

Dennis and Sarah ran horses and cattle on the ranch and also grew a large orchard. They had ten children while living on the ranch. One of those children was Hugh Small whose son Lee is now the patriarch of the clan.

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