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The Foothills

The Boise Foothills began as a place to be ignored. We turned them into a place to be developed, then to be saved and finally into a place where we balance the opportunities to enjoy nature and recreational opportunities close at hand with the need to preserve and protect its open spaces. Home to wildflowers found nowhere else in the world, the Foothills offer the chance to teach the values of being in nature to the next generation.

The Foothills' story tells of citizen heroes stepping up to save land when no one thought it could be done and of public agencies coming together after a disaster to craft management agreements unheard of in the West. Learn more about the history of Foothills preservation. Find out about the experts' favorite wildflowers and discover where you can go travel the Ridges to River trail system. Come explore Boise's backyard, "The Foothills."