These pictures were captured from the video tape of "The Gem State"

Star Garnet

The Star Garnet is Idaho's official state gem. While garnets are among the most common of minerals, star garnets are quite rare, found only in Idaho and India.
Only in Idaho can one mine for the six sided star garnet, shown above. The U.S. Forest Service supervises the digging at the popular Emerald Creek site, near Moscow, Idaho.

Bruneau Jasper

Bruneau Jasper is found only in Idaho's Bruneau Canyon, in Owyhee County. Jasper is the product of dissolved silicate minerals which settle in cavities and veins of rhyolite or other rocks. Bruneau jasper differs from other jasper in its unique circular patterns.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is wood that has been replaced by agate. Found in various places in Idaho, including Owyhee County, petrified wood allows rockhounds to learn about the area's ancient climates by determining the types of trees that once grew there.

Spencer Opal

The colors in Spencer Opal make it one of the world's most popular opals. Spencer Opal is mined in eastern Idaho, near Spencer, Idaho. Opals contain water, which eventually evaporates, damaging the opal. The OUTDOOR IDAHO program, "The Gem State," shows how gem cutters solve this problem.

Smoky Quartz

Nearly all surface rocks contain quartz, but Smoky Quartz is found only in certain areas, like Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains. Smoky quartz is yellow to dark brown or black.