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Idaho Geology, a Convergence of Wonders

Idaho's landscape is definitely not for the timid. So much of what we appreciate about Idaho is really the product of intense heat and pressure — of irresistible forces meeting immoveable objects.

No wonder the record of human occupation abounds with constant challenges.

Yet this landscape also beckons us to enjoy. And in that spirit, we'll explore Idaho's rich, complicated, and dynamic geology with some of the state's daring recreationists, as we ski the Bruneau Sand Dunes, kayak a Class V section of Succor Creek, descend into lava tubes, climb the City of Rocks, and scuba dive in Blue Heart Springs.

And with the help of geologists Bill Bonnichsen and Marty Godchaux, this hour-long "Idaho Geology, a Convergence of Wonders" examines the forces that have inspired and enchanted — and frustrated — every generation.

Funding for Outdoor Idaho is made possible by the Friends of Idaho Public Television, the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, and the Corporation For Public Broadcasting. Additional funding for "Idaho Geology: A Convergence of Wonders" is provided by Idaho National Laboratory and the Idaho Public Television Endowment.