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Playing in Idaho's Geology

Idaho is a wonderful playground for the adventurous. Here are some video clips that highlight Idahoans playing in, on, and around the artifacts of our state's amazing geology. Some clips are from our hour-long show, "Idaho Geology, a Convergence of Wonders." Others were put together during the time we were shooting the program and are not part of the show.

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Playing on Idaho's Sand Dunes

Two skiers headed down a sand dune

On beautiful summer days, Idaho's sand dunes come alive with people.

Bruneau Sand Skiers

Three skiers at the top of a sand dune

Skiers descend the Bruneau sand dunes.

Kayaking Succor Creek Canyon

Kayaker hurtling a rapid past huge boulders

You can find a lot of solitude, and first-class kayaking, in Owyhee County's Succor Creek.

'Lochsa' means Rough Water

Rafters navigating rough whitewater

Rafters challenge the rough water of north-central Idaho's Lochsa River.

Climbing at the City of Rocks

A climber ascending a sheer granite rock wall

The granite faces of the the 28-million-year-old Almo pluton offer some of the best rock climbing in the world.

More City of Rocks

Two climbers at base roping up

Climbers ascend the City of Rocks.

Scuba Diving in Blue Heart Springs

Diver gliding above the rocky bottom of the springs

Under the Eastern Snake River Plain is an aquifer that covers as much area as Lake Erie, and if you know where to look, you can see water coming out of the sand.

Black Magic Canyon

Rounded basalt rock forms

When you descend into the Big Wood River Canyon outside Shoshone, you enter a world of magical basalt shapes and forms.