Trailing Lewis & Clark

[Image: two men hiking]

Jim Peck and Alan Austin

When it was announced that we were going to be doing a show about "Getaways," and that each producer was expected to getaway for the program, I was stumped. In the years I've lived in Idaho I've done a lot of the standard trips for work during Outdoor Idaho. I've done horse trips and hiking and backpacking and llama trips and off-road trips. And I've done a bunch of other trips on my own.

I saw an article about a trip following the path of Lewis &Clark and thought that, while it sounded fun, it sounded cliché. I know everyone loves Lewis &Clark and the story of their trek across the country and back. But it's something you hear so much about that you almost become numb to it. I guess that's what finally clicked with me; the idea of trying to see if you can still have an authentic experience in the overwhelmingly trampled footsteps of Lewis &Clark. Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures Lewis &Clark Trail Adventures ( offers some different flavors of the experience. You can hike the trail, canoe, kayak or raft the trail or even horseback the trail. The trip I settled on was canoeing their path along the Missouri River in Montana and then hiking the Lolo trail in Idaho.

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