Ernie's Ghost Town Photos

Ernie Lombard is a retired Boise architect who has probably visited more ghost towns and mining areas that anyone else in Idaho. During the last 33 years, Lombard has logged thousands of miles on his dirt bike as he's traveled to every corner of the state on a photographic mission. Years ago he decided he'd like to record as many of Idaho's ghost towns and mining artifacts as he could. Each year Ernie has added to his collection until he now has entire room of his house filled with boxes of historic images. Some of his shots include buildings you can longer see because they've since fallen down or been destroyed by fire. Below, you can see a small sample of some of the photographs Ernie has taken over the last three decades.

photo of Ernie Lombard

"I realized that what I could do for these old buildings was record them. I maybe couldn't save them physically but I could record them. So I started, it really kind of became a quest, why don't you record them all or try to record them all. And I might have hit 130 different towns or sites, mill sites, and historic sites. So I've covered most of Idaho. I haven't got it all. And I probably never will get every one but I've gotten a great deal of them. So I combine my love of photography, combine my love history, and combine my love of riding trail bikes to get there, which really works out very well."

Ernie Lombard, Ghost Town photographer


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boise basin boiler thumbnail
Boise Basin, Boiler

idaho city cemetery thumbnail
Idaho City, Cemetery
lost ranger mine thumbnail
Lost Ranger Mine
pierce county courthouse thumbnail
Pierce, County Courthouse
rabbit foots mine thumbnail
Rabbit Foots Mine
ramshorn mill thumbnail
Bayhorse, Ramshorn Mill
birch creek kilns thumbnail
Birch Creek, Kilns
cinibar bunkhouse thumbnail
Cinibar Bunkhouse
elk city dredge equipment thumbnail
Elk City Dredge
  jaggers hotel in gilmore thumbnail
Gilmore, Jaggers Hotel
rocky bar residence thumbnail
Rocky Bar Residence
silver city idaho hotel thumbnail
Silver City, Idaho Hotel
three creek wagon thumbnail
Three Creek, Wagon
  lost turtle mine thumbnail
Lost Turtle Mine